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Prospects for the development of the leather industry in China

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Prospects for the development of the leather industry in China

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China is the world's largest leather products manufacturing country, is also a big consumer of leather products, leather products consumption has become the new darling of the modern, personalized bag is full of indispensable people's belongings, in today's economy and society, has leather bag is a woman who is no longer the exclusive accessories.

Influenced by the traditional concept of consumption, China's leather goods market has been more a lack of domestic brands, foreign brands has been authorized as real upset the market, resulting in more people to lose confidence in the product, which gives domestic brands provide a great opportunity for development. In recent years, the market appears excellent domestic brands, has gradually been recognized by customers. In the middle and low market or small leather goods leather goods field, there have been several domestic famous brand products to small leather goods, mainly located in the tens to three hundred middle and low price, sales of larger, but distribution the profit margin is thin, these brands discount getting goods to half of the basic five% off. They are mainly low-end market to seize before the bulk, so that the bulk of the market, the more smaller and smaller, and drove them off the market trend.

According to the "2012 - Chinese leather products market analysis survey report 2016" shows that China's leather industry, leather products and other downstream manufacturers developed more than thirty years, has been from the initial small family-owned handicraft developed into a number of firms over 26,000 home, the number of industry practitioners more than 200 people, the annual output value of nearly 80 billion yuan. In other industries are subject to global economic downturn affect production and sales dropped significantly, while the leather manufacturer leather products and other downstream industries are against the wind, sales steadily climbing, it is obvious that the current leather manufacturer leather products and other downstream industries strong development momentum and broad market prospects.

The degree of internationalization of leather products more and more, China's leather industry has become the main export commodity. Leather manufacturer leather products and other industries downstream product export value accounted for 70% of annual sales output value. Leather manufacturer leather products and other downstream industries generally export trade, accounting for about 80%, based on material processing methods exports accounted for only 20%, which is a move towards internationally competitive industries in the world, particularly in the industrial and resources labor-intensive and so has obvious advantages, so the more rapid development of the industry, strong export momentum. Leather manufacturer leather products and other downstream industries in the region has developed a number of advantages of highly concentrated industry, specialized division of labor, industry and prominent features of leather and leather products production base in the professional market, become a driving force of economic development around the city to absorb employment industrial economy, will drive sustained and coordinated development of the industry.

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