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What issues should pay attention to the selection of leather

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What issues should pay attention to the selection of leather

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Selected leather pay attention to what the problem? Then let Jinsheng made to answer your questions:

1, must go to a regular store to buy reputable brands of leather. Not only the quality, the price has credibility, can also provide good after-sales maintenance services.

2, leather: leather leather a soft, no residual defects, color uniformity, no obvious color difference. Is there a fur coat shiny, color is coordinated. Carefully touch fur, you should feel in the end the soft velvet dense, smooth soft needle hairs rather than rough and hard.

3, auxiliary accessories: button in the correct position, good fastness, no incomplete; lining phenomenon not too long too short; Pocket stitching fastness; trademarks, sizes identify the correct and clear.

4, wool collar: wool quality is good, gun hair very smooth, symmetrical, colors and leather match harmony.

5, sewing: car line straight, neat, no jumpers, no exposed needle hole modified traces hem should be straight.

6, in the price range they can afford to pay attention to selecting quality rather than price gap a little bit.

7, the difference between leather and imitation leather: leather has a very particular smell of leather, there will be little difference in color and texture; plastic and leather smell, feels there is a sticky feeling, the texture is also very regular patterns simple repetition.

8, be sure to try it in order to feel the weight of clothing is appropriate.

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