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Leather is true or false identification method

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Leather is true or false identification method

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Start with the appearance, texture is very uniform, no disability, no coarse grain, without any defects may be fake leather. Natural leather texture should be some differences, especially between the major and minor parts of the leather parts.

Carefully observe the distribution and shape of the pores, the pores deep and difficult natural leather bottom, slightly inclined. Shallow pores may be substantially perpendicular to the surface modification of synthetic leather or leather.

PU synthetic leather


From the cross section view, natural leather transverse fiber has its own characteristics, there are changes in the thickness of layers of fibers, the surface layer of the coating agent, and a synthetic leather fiber layers of substantially uniform, the surface was a layer of plastic film. And easy to absorb water as natural leather, non-absorbent for artificial leather. There are two main leather clothing, namely smooth and suede. Suede leather clothing was also known as suede clothing. Imitation leather clothing leather clothes or multi-fingered imitation suede leather chemical products made from these fake leather clothing stores also often seen. Compared with real leather garments, leather garments, there are many false defects, including not only the performance of the wearer in performance but also in appearance. So, for us consumers, can accurately distinguish between genuine leather clothing is necessary. Here are a few key points:

(1) identification of water: the water-absorbent leather surface is good, but imitation leather contrast with this, better water resistance. Can be hand dipped in water, wipe the surface of the garment, observe the water absorption, water absorption as well as leather; as poor water absorption or no absorption, most of imitation leather.

(2) Identification Appearance: Smooth leather garment appearance of visible pores, there are certain rules, but the rules of not very strong; the thickness of the surface is often not very consistent, and some can reveal traces of animal skin scar itself; not clothing exposed parts, such as lead yard, flap under the armpit, and many more use of poor quality, with leather seating arrangement distinct parts (of course, in particular the possible exception of advanced leather). The appearance of pores and imitation leather clothing is not obvious, but the rule is very strong; the surface of uniform thickness, no scar; clothing is not exposed at the front portion of the material difference. For suede clothing, its outer texture uneven, there are differences in the length of the hair, mostly leather clothing, otherwise it may be fake leather clothing.

(3) the discrimination section and leather: get a piece of clothing, the idea found its leather sectional and back, in order to help identify the true and false. Leather clothing leather sectional for the random fibers, when fingernails cross section, there will be fluffy thickening phenomenon. There is a regular end surface imitation leather woven fiber cloth, more rigid. From the opposite perspective, uneven performance inside leather-like, non-woven fibrous. Most textile imitation leather reverse side of the cloth, even if non-woven cloth, to the matrix is very uniform.

(4) Identification feel: leather garments feel comfortable, plump, soft and a certain warmth. Imitation leather clothing plastic feel close to, full, soft and poor, no warmth.

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