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Electronic holster leather cleaning and maintenance methods

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Electronic holster leather cleaning and maintenance methods

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As the 21st century into the age of technology, where the rapid development of the electronics industry, digital products, smart phones, tablet PCs increasingly common. Love chasing fashion, you are not also worried about damage to the surface of the love machine, if we can choose a good protective sleeve to protect it not only does damage but will also be more of a color, ipad holster also more recently used many. The ipad protection will apply for a long time is difficult to avoid dirty, after all, buy a better protective cover is not cheap, yet the following article to introduce you to a few leather holster how to maintain and clean way!


A: simple cleaning method

After removing the holster, leather holster has a general surface dirt, then you can take the right amount of neutral detergent with a cotton cloth to gently wipe off, if it is difficult to clean the dirt glue, then use the white precipitate oil or alcohol wash .

TWO: use professional cleaners

Leather holster addition to using the above methods, after some time the surface of the skin is not enough bright. Today professional leather cleaning products commonly used soft leather professional cleaner. Such cleaners decontamination soft, no solubility, will not hurt the cortex does not affect leather or original brightness and other characteristics of the environment and the leather has a good maintenance role.

Three: be careful not to use water

Because most are breathable leather, leather if washed with water, easily lead water into the leather interior, leather impregnation will not see the middle of cardboard, paperboard so soft, place in airtight will mildew, when holster can not be used for too long.

Reminder: whether leather ipad, iphone protective cover, mobile phone holster, Tablet Case and some other electronic products, leather, leather digital products, the cleaning methods can refer to the above methods and precautions.

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