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Now engaged in the leather industry, what pressure?

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Now engaged in the leather industry, what pressure?

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In recent years, manufacturers of leather faced two problems, that is, the rise of ultra-fiber leather with environmental issues.

A rise microfiber leather

Microfiber leather production has exceeded demand for traditional faint artificial leather, microfiber leather although less production of waste, but the high cost microfiber leather tanning, long production cycle, high technical requirements, customer widespread delay models Yahuo phenomenon, most manufacturers of leather appeared cash flow difficulties dilemma. So leather manufacturers to try innovative technologies, striving for breakthroughs in research and development so that the super-fiber leather to reduce costs in the quality assurance of cycles.

Second, environmental issues

Because the manufacturers accustomed from materials to finished leather quantify the production line of this mode of production, the chemical composition in the production process of the formation of the complex is difficult to handle and more difficult to recycle, environmental governance to bring a lot of pressure, presented this year each sub-division mode of production manufacturers produce only one step, centralized production model focused on pollution control, but the origin and processing of hides and skins present on the two sides belong to the north and south, and leather manufacturers present on the same polymer in an industrial park, so has been unable to be achieved, the main downstream companies for leather and shoe factories, Xiang Baochang are concentrated in Wenzhou, Fujian, Guangzhou and other places, coastal leather manufacturers who are willing to relocate to abandon his province geographical advantages, the government and industry to promote organized Change is the key to solving the problem can promote.

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