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PVC synthetic leather, PU synthetic leather which is the difference

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PVC synthetic leather, PU synthetic leather which is the difference

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Most people would leather synthetic leather other than such as: PVC, PU leather or synthetic leather collectively referred to as leather.

PVC, PU synthetic leather are PVC (plastic one) but the manufacturing process of the two products are not the same.

A, PVC synthetic leather leather in the manufacturing process must first melt the plastic particles mixed into a paste, according to the provisions of the uniform thickness of the coating on the T / C knitted fabric substrate, and then into the foaming furnace for foaming so it has to adapt to the production of different products, different requirements of softness, released simultaneously in the surface treatment (dyeing, embossed, polished, matte, grinding raising, mainly in accordance with the specific requirements for the product) .

Two, PU synthetic leather in the manufacturing process than PVC synthetic leather more complicated, since the PU base fabric tensile strength is good canvas PU material, may be applied in addition to the above base fabric, it can also be included in the base fabric in the middle, so that in the end do not watch outside the presence of the cloth. The physical properties of PU synthetic leather PVC leather than good resistance to twists and turns, good flexibility, tensile strength, having an air permeability (PVC-free).

Three, PVC synthetic leather pattern is formed by pressing steel pattern roll;

Four, PU synthetic leather pattern paper pattern is made of a first heat pressed against the surface of the semi-finished leather, wait to cool before separating paper leather, surface treatment. PU synthetic leather is more expensive than PVC synthetic leather to more than double, PU leather some special requirements than the price of PVC leather 2-3 times higher. PU leather is generally required pattern paper will come only with 4-5 times scrapped; long cycle pattern roll, so the cost is higher than PU leather PVC leather is.

Fifth, the scope of these two materials also have some differences. In terms of footwear, PVC synthetic leather is used in linings or bear the weight of parts or manufacture children's shoes; PU synthetic leather footwear can be applied to support the weight of the fabric or the site. In terms of bags, it is more suitable PVC synthetic leather. This is because the items in the bag differs from the shoes to wear in the feet, do not distribute heat; do not bear the weight of an individual.


PU synthetic leather, PVC synthetic leather way distinction easier to see from the corner of PU base fabric than many thick PVC, also feel a difference, PU synthetic leather soft number; PVC synthetic leather feel hard some of; also You can use fire to burn, PU synthetic leather, PVC synthetic leather smell than to taste a lot of light.

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