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What synthetic leather odor removal method

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What synthetic leather odor removal method

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What synthetic leather odor removal methods?

  1, can ask a professional company handles. For example: photocatalytic technology, bio-degradable technology, materials closed technique, physical adsorption technology.

  2, the Japanese-owned enterprises produced carbon air purification, the effect is very good, about 10 days there is no smell (online information).

  3, put in indoor pots vinegar water.

  4, experts believe that the concept of environmental protection should be fully absorbed by plants using the decomposition method. If the sofa next to put some plants. Its effect is very obvious. Recommendations put pots of green dill class large leaf plants.

  5, buy a home ozone machine. Placed near the sofa.

  6, you can use pineapple, pineapple method is cut into pieces served in a plate placed on the sofa.

  7, more than four weeks on the sofa ignited some candles produce carbon dioxide gas and integrated indoor accelerated oxidation.

  8, or more general ventilation after 10:00, points early, middle and late ventilation for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes will not be damaged by frost heating.

  9, the use of the common market Formaldehyde Scavenger. Reference Price: 600ml installed $ 68 (Tianyun brand).

  10, Beijing Zhong Dingwei Technology Development Co., Ltd. air sterilizer. 600-700 yuan but the effect is unknown.

  11, placed in the room orange peel, lemon peel and other items, is a very effective method to taste, but they do not bear fruit very quickly.

  12, with tea or water to clean the fruit plate containing some tea placed in just decoration of the room.

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