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Electronic Packaging Leather

Electronic Packaging Leather

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Leather stains how to clean? Here's how:

1: first with a clean soft cloth to clean the dust, and then use soft soap or shampoo solution 1:10 1:20 soaked wring gently wipe stains, such as stains too heavy, can be repeated several times .

 first with a clean cloth or cotton (Tide kind, not wet water) to wipe the leather. A little dry for a while. So there is no damage to the leather.

2. then cotton swab dipped in the wind spirits to wipe dirty place.

Usually leather dirty, do not hold too long or resting in the shade tide without ventilation. Thus, even with the wind spirits not very good scrub.

Three: leather is dirty, not directly into the wash water. Best to rub with a cloth or soft brush the dirt area, rub; then coated with a layer of Vaseline; then a soft cloth to clean it repeatedly, and finally painted the same color skin oil, polish to. Surface water or dirt can not try to gasoline rubbed, because water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather "leather oil volatile and dry.

Four: If the water scrubbing dirt, and can only be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in warm water at the dirt, then gently scrub brush dipped in soapy water, then scrub with clean water, dry in the shade, coated with a little oil skins.

Five: leather is dirty, use a clean cloth dipped in a liquid protein (egg white) smear, both decontamination, but also make leather shiny.

Six: milk with 100 grams, five grams of soda and mix thoroughly, gently scrub with a cloth dipped in milk, then use a dry cloth to wipe dry.

Seven: with alkaline ammonia wetting pale light stains, a light wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe the cloth.

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